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You can purchase the 25-page activity guide for The Gentleman Outlaw and Me--Eli for immediate download for only $5.95!
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The Gentleman Outlaw and Me--Eli
by Mary Downing Hahn

In 1887, 12-year-old Eliza Yates runs away from her cruel aunt and uncle and sets off for Tinville, Colorado, in search of her missing father. After seeing her vulnerablity as a girl in the Wild West, she cuts her hair and disguises herself as a boy. Outwardly, she becomes "Elijah Bates." Through some funny twists and turns, she meets Calvin Featherbone, an 18-year-old who calls himself the "Gentleman Outlaw." Calvin is also headed for Tinville, in search of that town's Sheriff Yates, a man he believes shot his father in the back.

Eli and Calvin join forces. Though a big talker, Calvin soon proves himself to be a greenhorn whose only talent, it seems, is getting them into trouble with his fool ideas.

This is a rip-roaring Wild West story at its best--bound to become one of your favorites!

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The Gentleman Outlaw and Me--Eli is now available!


You can purchase the 25-page activity guide for The Gentleman Outlaw and Me--Eli for immediate download for only $5.95!
Click Here to Download

The Activity Guide Contains:
World's Greatest Bulletin Board: Hyperboles
Keeping a Reading Journal
Figurative Language
Analyze the Characters
Title the Chapters
Create a Timeline
Cause and Effect
Resequence Chapter 2
Inference, Chapter 2
Laudable Terminology
Creating a Readers Theater for Chapter 3
Grandiose Verbiage
Map It! Math It!
Sentence Construction, Chapter 6
Alternatives: Analyzing Choices and Consequences in the Story
Alternatives in My Life
Crosswords at the Crossroads
Old West Research
Why'd That Happen? Chapter 11 Multiple Choice
The New Suit Math
Writing Prompts
Answer Keys


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