Runaway Radish
by Jessie Haas

Bouncy, red Radish was just a young pony when he got his first owner, Judy. He taught her many lessons..."and scared her just a little". They became best friends until one spring when Judy discovered she had grown too big for Radish. What would Radish do if Judy got a new horse? Would he have to leave? Where would he go? What if he got lost?

You will love this easy-reading "biography" of a smart, brave little pony with a mind of his own.

Kids Wings gives you ten pages of skill-buiding, comprehension, English editing and revising, and fun all sprouting from this easy chapter book about a special horse. Perfect for second and third graders, Runaway Radish invites kids to learn new techniques for reading and writing and to put their new skills and problem solving to work as they frolick with a horse that likes to have fun, too. What could be more fun than having your classroom activities extend from an easy picture book about a beloved pony?

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Runaway Radish by Jessie Haas

The International Museum of the Horse

How do you make a slow horse fast? (Stop feeding it.)

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