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each little bird that sings
by Deborah Wiles

Comfort is growing up in a funeral home that her family owns. With her dog, Dismay, she "lives to serve" helping those who are sad to feel better. With the inspiration of her Great-great-aunt Florentine, Comfort choses to remember those who have died with "Life Notices" that she writes instead of the the lifeless "Death Notices" that are posted in the Aurora County News.

To relax, she and Dismay often picnic on Listening Rock with Declaration Johnson, her best friend. From there, she can see the valley where Snowberger Funeral Home and town of Snapfinger, Mississippi, lie.

Comfort has seen more than her share of dead people and knows all about funeral food and funeral manners....but will that prepare her for a death in her own family? Will Comfort's experience with death enable her to stand strong when the second death occurs....and the third?

At a time when she so desperately needs her, will Declaration Johnson, be her faithful friend? When a catastrophe happens, how will Comfort find the strength to survive?

It is not likely that you will ever forget this story and the lessons that you will learn as you see life through the eyes of Comfort Snowberger.

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You can purchase the 17-page unit for Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles NOW for immediate download for only $9.95! With Jeopardy-Type Game included! Click Here

The Kids' Wings Activity Unit guides student study in exciting reading activities for an excellent easy novel set in the fictious Snapfinger, Mississippi.
Activities in the unit include:
A logic puzzle to introduce characters,
Anticipation guide,
Predict/confirm chapter questions,
Crossword puzzle,
Multiple choice chapter check-ups,
Using Resources to Check Facts,
Editing and Revising a Letter,
Be the Illustrator, Mapping the Story,
Describing the Character of the Story's Character,
Math Scaling the Map,
Writing Prompts,
and Answer Pages.

Interactive Jeopardy-Type Game included!

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Each Little Bird That Sings by by Deborah Wiles NOW!

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