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Toys Go Out
by Emily Jenkins, Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky
2008 Kids' Wings Award
2008 Junior Library Guild Selection
2008 Texas Bluebonnet ListSM

I KNOW I put my football on my desk before school. When I got home, it was GONE! Where did it go?

How did my teddy bear get under my dresser? It was on my bed when I went to sleep.

My roller skates are gone! I know I put them on the shelf in the garage after I played yesterday, but they aren't there now!

What could have happened to my toys? They couldn't just WALK away....or could they?

Have you have ever suspected that your toys have lives of their own when you aren't looking? You just might be right! Toys Go Out just may prove it!

In Toys Go Out, you will meet a stuffed buffalo named Lumphy, his plush friend named StingRay, and Plastic who isn't sure what she is. When the Little Girl isn't looking, the toys are running around the room, getting into mischief and worrying a lot. (All smart toys worry about whether you will get tired of them and throw them away, you know.) StingRay worries that maybe she can't float like a real stingray. Lumphy worries about the evil washing machine. And poor Plastic better worry when she comes fact to face with a possible shark! Fortunately, Tuk Tuk is around to help some of the time...when he's not folded up in the towel closet.

The next time you find one of your books open on your bed when you are sure YOU didn't put it there, you'll probably see little footprints that match your stuffed porcupine. The next time your washing machine sounds a little like it's singing through is cycle, you'll listen a little closer to try to hear his words. Did that clothes hanger move just now? Is it my baseball's birthday? Toys Go Out will definitely fill your heads with questions!

No matter how old you are, you will LOVE these adorable toys, their warped view of how the world works, and the problems they manage to get themselves into. When it's all over, you'll be cheering for Emily Jenkins to write the sequel and Paul O. Zelinsky to illustrate it!

Toys Go Out is the story of toys that come to life, their friendship, their determination to understand the world, and an unusual wisdom that ties them together. It is better than a sequel to Toy Story! Emily Jenkins creates distinct voices for each of the toys as well as Tuk Tuk the towel, Sheep, and Frank the washing machine. It's a bed time story you will never get too old to hear!

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You can purchase the complete Kids' Wings 24-page Unit for Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins and The Doll People by Ann M. Martin. NOW for immediate download for only $15.95!
Click Here to purchase and download.


Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins

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