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You can purchase the unit for SAVVY by Ingrid Law in the 32-page Kids' Wings unit and Jeopardy-type game NOW for immediate download for only $18.95! Sharable within one school only.
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by Ingrid Law

Kids' Wings Award for Excellence in Children's Literature
Newbery Honor Book for 2009
Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Award
Texas Bluebonnet Award NomineeSM

"You never can tell when a bad thing
might make a good thing happen.

Growing up is never easy. It is especially never easy-easy when you are a Beaumont who starts the process on your thirteenth birthday. Add to that birthday the fact that your special savvy will drop on you, BING BANG BOOM, like a rock and you know it is not something you want to share with just anyone. Especially when you have no idea what your special savvy will be! Oh, well, if you are Mibs Beaumont, you know what it WON'T be.

You know your savvy won't be the power to make hurricanes because your brother, Fish, got that one last year. And you know it won't be an electric savvy because your older brother, Rocket, got that one five years ago. As much as you might wish that you savvy would to be PERFECT as PERFECT, you know that one got taken a long time ago when Momma turned thirteen.

So, if you were Mibs Beaumont, you could just wait and see, just like your family before you did. Except for one thing...and you don't want to think about that one thing. The thing that happened just before the terrible telephone call the night before your thirteenth birthday. You may just have to take things into your own hands instead of waiting. What choice would you have?

And so begins Mibs's journey into growing up, discovering her special savvy, and then learning to scumble it so she can make it useful. But, could even a really great savvy (or the really weird one she gets) turn what happened in the horrible accident around?

This story will encourage each student to examine the choices and possibilities ahead of them as they grow up. They might even discover their own savvy (gift or talent) and to decide how best to scumble or control it so it will can be used for good. (Don't be surprised if one of your students floats to the ceiling with a newly discovered savvy!) Filled with tongue-tickling language, newly coined words, and descriptive characterization, this journey is important and fun.

The Kids' Wings literature unit that is available in Gifts and Givers and as an instant download .


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You can purchase the unit for SAVVY by Ingrid Law in the 32-page Kids' Wings unit and Jeopardy-type game NOW for immediate download for only $18.95! Sharable within one school only.
Click here to purchase and download

Savvy by Ingrid Law

A 32-page unit for Savvy by Ingrid Law is one the best units Kids' Wings has ever produced. The unit is part of a collection of 23 units in Gifts and Givers. It is also available for instant download.

The Unit Contains:
Discussion Cards
Two-Page Readers’ Theater Introduction
Memory Box
Gifts and Talents in the Family
Anticipation Guide
Map Activity
Vocabulary Activity

Making Connections, Chapter Questions
What's Your Savvy--Song (Summarizing through Music)
Quartet Reading
15-Second Summaries
Preparing Your Intellectual Tools in Your Reading Journal
Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages
Teamwork Visualizing Text through Drawing Activities
People and Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle, Ch. 22-25
Discussion: A Well-Scumbled Savvy
A Savvy QuotePuzzle
SuperPowered Humans: A Logic Puzzle
Discussion/Writing Prompts

Answer Keys

PLUS a Jeopardy-type Interactive Game


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