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The Gollywhopper Games: Questions and Answers

After your students read and are given the TIME to solve the puzzles (without just reading the players' solutions) in Chapters 13 and 14, they will do great with the Kids' Wings shadow puzzles. Here are some tips and Q & A.

Question # 3, the flow chart, at the bottom of Page 18 is ABSOLUTELY crucial to understand:

In the flow chart, the clock means that they are being timed and to work fast. The puzzle tells the players which of the three Gollywhopper game boxes to choose. If they choose the wrong box, it will take them to the stunt. The stunt will send them back to the same puzzle. The right box will send them to the next stunt and from there, to the next puzzle.

Are pages 20 and 22 the students pages and 21 and 23 the teacher pages?
Page 20 and 22 are student pages, but they should not be given out at the same time.
Give out Puzzle A. Get students to work it. Then do Stunt A on page 21. Only THEN do students discover if they answered Puzzle A correctly.
Those that DID answer Puzzle A correctly get Puzzle B after doing Stunt A. Those who DID NOT answer Puzzle A correctly are given Puzzle A again AFTER doing Stunt A. (This was to keep players from GUESSING the answers to the puzzles because it cost them valuable time.)

The directions on 21 say to place Stunt A in all the boxes for Puzzle A. Does that mean that no matter what box the students choose they will get to go on to Stunt A? So any box is the correct answer? No, any box leads to Stunt A. All answers lead to Stunt they do in the book. After they successfully complete the stunt, those who have answered Puzzle A correctly are given Puzzle B, but those who answered incorrectly, get Puzzle A.

Do the Stunts for each corresponding Puzzle only go in the box with the correct answer? The answers are NOT in the Puzzle boxes, only the Stunt directions. Puzzle A boxes all contain Stunt A directions. Puzzle B boxes all contain Stunt B direction. And so on.

What puzzle does one use for Stunt C? Any Puzzle? Puzzle C (page 22) leads to Stunt C (page 23) without their knowing the correctness of their puzzle. After doing the puzzle and doing Stunt C, students who answered the puzzle correctly, get Puzzle D (page 22).

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