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Home of the Brave
by Katherine Applegate
2010 Texas Bluebonnet NomineeSM
Kids' Wings Award

“Hope is a thing made only for people, a scrap to hold onto in darkness and in light.”
(Kek, page 246)

Kek is a refugee.
His father is dead.
His brother is dead.

His mother is missing.
His herd has been stolen.
His home has been destroyed.
He has been rescued from the wars in his country.
What will he do when he arrives in America?
Will he find it to be heaven on earth as they all said in the camp?

Kek might be in your ESL class, learning English with you.
Maybe, your ESL teachers, like Kek's, give you hope as you learn.
Maybe you, like Kek, have ghosts that haunt you from your past.
Perhaps you, too, have heard the taunts of your classmates because you look and sound different from them.
Hopefully, you have a sense of humor, an optimist attitude, and a good brain like Kek to help you find your cow.

But, maybe you haven't.
Maybe you were born in America.

Maybe you have always had enough to eat.
Maybe you have not lost someone you loved in a war you didn't understand.
Maybe you have chosen to become a friend to one who is new, frightened, and confused.

Home of the Brave is a one-of-a-kind, poetic narrative, written in the first person by Kek through metaphors and similes that paint pictures when he has no words. His story will encourage you to reach out to those who are different, to learn about the problems in Africa, and to find a place in your heart for the Keks around you.

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Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate
You can purchase the 20-page unit for Fourteen Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy PLUS the 34-page unit for Home of the Brave by Kathryn Applegate NOW for immediate download for only $19.95! Click Here to Download

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Research the Violence in Sudan
2-page Readers’ Theater Introduction
Making Connection--Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Character Studies
Words that Paint Pictures
Crossword Puzzle
Changing Voice and Genre
Visualizing the Story--2 pages
Questions for Discussion and Writing for Reviewing Part 2
Write about Your Emotional Foods
Sequencing Part 3
A Comic Book Story of Kek's Idea in Action
Writing Prompts
Answer Keys
PLUS A Jeopardy-Type Game


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