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Sixteen Cows
by Lisa Wheeler


"Cowboy Gene loves his eight cows, and Cowgirl Sue loves her eight cows, and both of them like the fence that keeps their pastures--and cows--apart. But then a tornado blows through and takes the fence with it. Will they ever be able to figure out whose cows are whose?"

Will the Biddle cows and the Waddle cows ever get back to where they belong after a wind blows down the fence between their ranches? Precious rhyming text and a terrific story will have your kids begging to read it again and again!


The Cow Corral

Texas Style Nursery Rhymes

Howdy, Partner!

Old MacDonald's Farm

Sixteen Cows Cow Pie Recipe

Cowboy Stories and Western Entertainment

Bubba, The Cowboy Prince

A 10-page unit, perfect for lesson planning and handouts or projection on your SmartBoard for Sixteen Cows by Lisa Wheeler is now available in Tickles, Tricks, and Treasure and as a download (above)! Activities include:

Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater Script
Book Marks
Multiple Choice Comprehension

Getting Married
Fencing 16 Cows (manipulating division)
Guitar Maze
Writing Prompt and Plan

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