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The Notorious Benedict Arnold,
A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery

by Steve Sheinkin

Kids' Wings Top Flight Award for Excellence in Children's Literature

"My name shall be carved in stone alongside the great traitors: Lucifer, Judas, and Arnold."

The words "Benedict Arnold" have become synonymous with "traitor and villain." What caused this American patriot who could well have been one of the Founding Fathers to become a turncoat?

As a child, the sixth in his family with the name, Benedict Arnold, he became known as a bright student, an athlete, a prankster, a show-off, and a daredevil who would take chances just for the trill of it. As the son of the town drunk, he was determined to make more of himself.

As a young man, Benedict Arnold succeeded in making his fortune in the shipping trade. He married well and had three beautiful children. But when the British slapped high tarrifs on goods, things began to change for him.

Arnold was respected by George Washington, became a General in the American army, one of America's first action heroes, a genius in strategy and leadership, but it was hot temper, ego, and insatiable thirst for recognition that eventually became his undoing.

The Notorious Benedict Arnold puts a face on the American Revolution, showing that not everything is black and white, and that the choices that were made were crucial to history.

You may see yourself in Benedict Arnold, and hopefully you will be inspired to weigh your own actions and judge which choices you can make to create a better place for you in history.

Kids' Wings proudly presents The Notorious Benedict Arnold with the Kids' Wings Top Flight Award for Excellence in Children's Literature.

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The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin

You can purchase the complete Kids' Wings 50-page Unit for The Nortorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin NOW! Available for immediate download for only $18.95! Includes a Jeopardy-type Game! Sharable within your school! Click here to purchase and download.

A 50-page Kids Wings unit with an additional interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson planning and handouts or projection on your SmartBoard for The Notorious Benedict Arnold is now available!
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The 50-page Kids' Wings Literature Guide Contains:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
Readers’ Theater Introduction
Dialectical Journal
Instruction Page for Vocabulary and Predict-Read-Confirm Pages
1741-1775, Pages 1-23
Difficult Beginnings, Pages 1-23
June 1775-April 19 through June 19, 1775, Pages 24-48
Figurative Language in the Story, Pages 24-48
July 1-November 8, 1775, Pages 49-79
Reading the Map, Pages 49-79
September 1775-Feb. 1776, Pages 80-103
Troubles for All, Pages 80-103
Examining Illustrations of Historic Events
Jan. 1776-Nov. 1776, Pages 104-140
Battles Continue, Comprehension, Pages 104-140
Readers Theater: Andre in Pennsylvania, Pages 104-109
Misery and Distress, Crossword Puzzle
Nov. 1776-Aug. 1777, Pages 141-165
Comic Book Summary, Pages 141-165
Aug. 1777-April, 1778, Pages 166-197
What if...? How Choices Affect History, Pages 166-197
April 1778-May, 1779, Pages 198-229
Troubles with Love, Troubles with War, Pages 198-228
May 1779-September 1780, Pages 230-268
Bad Choice, Good Choice, Pages 230-268
Enemies All Around, Crossword Puzzle
1780-1804, Pages 269-307
No Turning Back, Pages 269-307
Daily Life in the Time of Benedict Arnold
Picturing the Events of Benedict's Life
Making Connections, Questions I would ask the author
Benedict's Battles
Character Check
Benedict Arnold's Timeline
Break Benedict's Code
Writing Prompts
Answer Pages
Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game

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The Notorious Benedict Arnold by Steve Sheinkin NOW!

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