Gifts and Givers--Literature Games

Alvin Ho, Allergic to Girls, School, and other Scary Things

The Gollywhopper Games



Someone Named Eva

Surprises According to Humphrey

Two-Minute Drill

Click on the title of the game you need. When it comes up, click and choose SLIDE SHOW.

Left click several times to bring up the parts of the game.

Have a contestant choose a topic for example "Vocabulary for $200" and read the question aloud. The contestant then answers the question in a complete sentence similar to the printed answer.

Click the question to reveal the answer. Click "Back to Game Board" at bottom right of answer to return to the game board.

The next contestant chooses a question, reads it aloud, and answers it. Click "Back to Game Board" to return to game board.

Continue until all questions have been answered.

Then, click the Final Liter-G question to give all contestants an opportunity to answer.

Reveal the final answer.

Total the scores and declare the winner.


Gifts and Givers
Literature Celebrations, Volume 15
© 2009, Suzy Red, Lockhart, Texas