An Alcoholic in the Family Song
Based on Tall Tales
Lyrics by Suzy Red, Melody and Performance by Robin Mikalunas
and the Cunningham Singers

Ninety-Nine bottles of beer
On the wall
Hold poisons, it is true.
If you're alcoholic
And take one drink,
It is the end of you.

Families the most.
Alcoholism's the pits.
With hurtful words,
Hate, and fear,
They often call it quits.

Alcoholism's a dreaded disease.
Its VICTIM loses control.
He may be charming,
Becoming alarming,
He's hostile,
Aggressive, and bold.
The ENABLER helps
The victim to drink.
She fears what he might do.
She pampers, babies,
Excuses, forgives,
But always stays quite blue.
The family HERO'S
Kind and good.
She makes high
Grades in school.
Though hurt inside
She never hides,
She's responsible and cool.

Is quiet and shy.
He seeks most time alone.
He has few friends,
And rarely wins.
He's hardly ever known.
Is the hostile one,
A trouble-maker, too.
He feels rejected,
Jealous, hurt.
And stays deep in the stew.

Ninety-Nine bottles of beer
On the wall
Should stay
Right where they are.
'Cause if they're never
Drunk at all
No family can they scar.


Like the children in Tall Tales by Karen Day, children growing up in a family with an alcoholic parent have been known to adopt one or more (the Mascot is another) of these basic family roles. Since alcoholism is a genetically-linked characteristic, it is one that many children carry. Alcohol activates this characteristic which often leads to the disease of alcoholism in genetically-prone individuals. Alcoholism is extremely difficult to overcome and often leads to nicotine addiction, drug abuse, and broken families. Tall Tales can help children to understand the risks and consequences of that first drink.

Inspired by Tall Tales by Karen Day
from Transformers, © Suzy Red, March, 2008, Lockhart, TX

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