Mother to Tigers
by George Ella Lyon

In 1940, if you were a baby tiger that was born in a zoo, you would probably die. Your tiger mother would not know how to take care of you.

A few years later, a lady named Helen Martini, founder of the Bronx Zoo's animal nursery in 1944decided to help. At first, she took the baby tiger cubs into her home to help them grow strong and playful. Later, she made a nursery in a room at the zoo. She learned to care for other baby animals, too. Then she taught others and zoos all over the world began to add nurseries. Is that something you would like to do? Come read her story in Mother to Tigers!


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5 Tigers

The Tiger Foundation

Tiger Math

Tiger Haven

K-2 Little Folks' Room

The Mother to Tigers Unit Contains:

Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater Script
Animal Comparison Diagram
Multiple Choice Comprehension

Repeated Reading
Animal Cookie Math
Alphabet Zoo
Guest Speaker
If I Were a Zookeeper Writing Plan and Template


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