Baby Danced the Polka
by Karen Beaumont

Baby feels like dancing instead of sleeping. Will Mama and Daddy finally figure out how to get Baby to sleep?

Perfect fun for young children who like lively stories, this happy tale invites all to join in and dance along. Read, sing, lift the flaps, do a little jip-and-twirl! It's a toe-tappin', no-nappin' good time when baby starts to boogie.


Baby Danced the Polka is in the Kids Wings Book Buddies Download that contains the terrific 472 page collection of 41 units for only $20!


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Literary Connections:

The unit for Baby Danced the Polka in Book Buddies contains 9 pages of activities including:

Readers Theater
Crossword Puzzle
Rhyming Words
Editing Writing
Letter Writing

Multiple Choice Comprehension
Repeated Reading

The Kids Wings Unit for Baby Danced the Polka is part of a collection of 39 units in Book Buddies for 2005. It contains 472 pages of activities that we guarantee you will LOVE because YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THEM!


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