What do you want to be when you grow up? When you read Quinito's Neighborhood, you will go along with Quinito as he explores the jobs that are being done in his neighborhood. Some of the jobs are surprising!

In the Springboards unit, you will get to learn Spanish words about workers and the work they do.

Is your neighborhood like Quinito's?

Internet Extensions

Kids Work!

Zoo Jobs

Become a Teacher!



NASA Careers

Exploring the Ocean

It's My Life

Literary Connections:

Everybody Works by Shelley Rotner


The unit for Quinito's Neighborhood in Springboards contains 13 pages of activities that include:

Crossword Puzzle
Art and Drama
Character Development
Writing Activities: My Neighborhood
Writing: Edit a Letter to the Dentist
Logic Puzzle
Readers Theater
Multiple Choice Comprehension

Venn Diagram Comparison

The Kids Wings Unit for Quinito's Neighborhood is part of a collection of 40 units in Springboards for 2006. We guarantee you will LOVE the activities because YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THEM!

Kids' Wings has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.




Our special thanks to Daniel Signer for allowing us to use his original composition, "Body", as this background music!



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