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Happy February from Kids Wings!
Valentine's Day!
Happy Black History Month!
Happy Presidents' Day!

One year, five days before Valentine's Day, I divided my class into 5 groups, each with a copy of The Totally Terrific Valentine Party Book. They carefully followed the book's directions, page by page to write invitations, decorate the room, write poems, prepare games, and make cupcakes for a Valentine Party. They were each given play money to purchase the ingredients for the cupcakes from our store and had to accurately make change. From the dozen eggs in our "store," they had to figure out how much two eggs cost (ah-ha! division). They learned to wash their hands and keep their work space clean. They had to measure the ingredients and learn how to break eggs. It is ALL we did that week and they learned more and remembered more than any other week of the year! (No one took credit for the cricket that was baked into one cupcake.) As a follow-up, each group researched, wrote, edited, illustrated and printed a NEW how-to book modeled from The Totally Terrific Valentine Party Book about another holiday to put in our library. This was authentic learning! WE LOVE KIDS and BOOKS! (Suzy)

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Valentine's Day

You will love these LOVE STORIES!
Bella at Midnight (4+)
The Ballad of Valentine
Slugs in Love
How to Teach a Slug to Read
For the Love of Autumn

Presidents' Day
February 20th
Award-winning picture books with
Kids Wings guides provide fun and learning:

Grace for President

(introduces the Electoral College)

Imogene's Last Stand
Sweet Land of Liberty
George Washington's Teeth
Duck for President
If I Ran for President
So You Want to Be President
The Kid Who Ran for President.
Stand Tall, Abraham Lincoln

The Impossible Patriotism Project
Chasing Lincoln's Killer

An awesome historical fiction novel
about the life of Nathan Hale
(with George Washington's leadership).

Black History Month
African-American Literature
including these favorites:
14 Cows for America and
Home of the Brave
on TpT
Elijah Of Buxton on TpT
Fly High! Bessie Coleman on TpT
Gabriel's Horses on TpT
The Hallelujah Flight on TpT
Jackson Jones and the
Puddle of Thorns
on TpT
on TpT
Play, Louis, Play: The True Story of a Boy and His Horn
Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues

When Marian Sang

and MORE!

FREE! The Riches of Oseola McCarty!
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Happy Groundhog Day!

This freebee may be a little late, but you are still welcome to right click to download our FREE unit for Substitute Groundhog from my good friend, Pat Miller, who shares my birthday!


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