Hi! Fly Guy and Super Fly Guy

by Tedd Arnold
A 2006 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book

Fly Guy isn't just an ordinary fly. Fly Guy has brains! Fly Guy has talent! Fly Guy might just change the world!

At a time when an ordinary science-minded boy is searching for the perfect pet to enter in the pet show, Fly Guy drops into his jar...and into his life. When Fly Guy calls the boy by his name...Buzz...the boy knows this fly is smart! But how will Buzz convince his father and the judges that Fly Guy really is a PET and not a PEST?

This is a series that will fly into the hearts and giggle-boxes of kids of all ages!

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The Unit Contains:
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Logic Puzzle

A special thanks to Mickey Gentle for allowing us to use the delightful version of "Shoo Fly"!


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