Oh, Theodore!
by Susan Katz
PLUS Dog and Bear
by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

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Even though the boy wanted a dog or a snake or a horse, he had to settle for a pet guinea pig named Theodore. (He looked like a teddy bear.) Theodore was shy. Theodore was afraid. Theodore wouldn't eat. What would the boy do?

You can follow the life of Theodore and his new owner in this precious poetry book that tells their story. You will see how a kind, responsible boy helps Theodore to become a happy, healthy pet.

With large, realistic illustrations, the narrative poems are written in blank verse with short lines that are accessible to early reading levels.

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Oh, Theodore! by Susan Katz

Guinea Pig Toys and Cages
Basic Small Animal Care

Guinea Pigs
Medical and Care Guide for Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig Club

Another Little Pet: Toy American Eskimos

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A 10-page unit for Oh, Theodore! and the 9-page unit for Dog and Bear by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, perfect for lesson planning and projection on Smart Boards, are now available together for immediate download.

The Oh, Theodore! Unit Contains:
Crossword Puzzle
Discussion Cards
Readers' Theater Script
ABC Activity
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Logic Puzzle
Math Graph
Pet Fun

and the nine-page unit for Dog and Bear by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

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