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The Circus Ship
by Chris Van Dusen

Voice 1: Have you ever seen a circus ship with animals aboard?
Voice 2: If you had ridden on such a ship, you would not have gotten bored.
Voice 3: It had elephants, tigers, and even giraffes!
Voice 4: Camels and lions, too.
Voice 1: A zebra, an ostrich, and even a hippo!
All: It was like a floating zoo!
Voice 2: The animals were part of a circus on its way to another show.
Voice 3: But what lay ahead for them was more than they could know.
Voice 4: The fog was getting thicker and the captain could not see.
Captain: “I think that we should stop awhile until this fog will set us free.”
Voice 1: But the circus boss, the mean old man, screamed loudly in his face:
Boss: “You may not stop! Continue on! You must keep up the pace.”
Voice 2: I hate to say what happened next.
(Continued in the Kids Wings literature guide)

What do you think will happen? Will the animals be able to swim to the shore? Will the evil ringmaster catch them again? You'll be surprised what happens!

What a terrific rhyming narrative poem! It will encourage you to read it over and over--a great fluency builder! A Kids Wings Favorite!

The wreck of a circus ship at sea is the beginning of an exciting adventure as the animal swim to shore and hide among the towns people, chased by an evil circus boss.

Everybody loves a circus and the circus animals, so The Circus Ship just might start a week of unforgettable fun in your classroom since your lesson plans and activities are already done for you in the Kids Wings literature guide.


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The Kids' Wings Activities for The Circus Ship Include:
Discussion Cards,
Readers Theater Script,
Circus Math,
Checking Understanding/Multiple Choice,
Time to Perform Logic Puzzle,
Story Mapping,
Rhyme Time,
Can You See the Animals Art and Story Writing,
Ship Shape Parts,
Story Mapping,
Serving Up Similes,
Amazing Aliteration,
Ships Ships Ships Analogies & Short Answers
Answer Keys


Background Music: The Lion Tamer Rag (1913) by Janza, Performed by Warren Trachtman


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