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For the Love of Autumn
by Patricia Polacco

Kids Wings Award Book

Have you ever had a new teacher who just graduated from college?
Have you ever wondered if she had a pet?
Have you ever wondered if she had a boyfriend?

If you have, you will love
For the Love of Autumn!

Danielle, a young teacher just out of school adopts a little kitten and names her Autumn. The kitten shares Danielle's life, playing and curling up with her in the evening with a bowl of popcorn. Soon, Danielle takes a teaching job in Port Townsend, WA, a seaside village. Together they are happy.

Danielle introduces Autumn to her class and tells her students about her life with the kitten. Their lives are perfect together, for awhile.

What would you do if your teacher tells you one day that Autumn has disappeared on a stormy night? Do you think you could help her find Autumn?

You will be so surprised when you find out what happens when Autumn finally reappears and how she introduces your teacher to the love of her life!

Author and illustrator Patricia Polacco creates beautiful, full-page water color illustrations that add visual details to the story. Written at a 3-4th grade level, For the Love of Autumn is a great read aloud and a terrific gift for your class's student teacher. Of course, that would be a perfect gift if it came with a REAL kitten!

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Author Patricia Polacco
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The Kids Wings 10-page activity guide For the Love of Autumn provides fun and learning for grades 2-4, perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts or projection slides on your SmartBoard!
Activities (see screen shots below) include:
Discussion Cards
Readers Theater Script
2-page Multiple Choice Comprehension
Awesome Autumn Logic
Fall for Math
Which Jack-O-Lantern? A Logic Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle
And Answer Page

Background Music: With special thanks to the talented Sandra Bradley
for allowing us to use her original composition, "Skippy"!
Visit the composer on her website, Midisandy.


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