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"Slim rubbed his grumbling belly as he rode into the town of Skinflint.
'I'm so hungry I could eat a boiled boot.'"

Fandango Stew
by David Davis

Kids Wings Top Flight Book
2012 Caldecott Honor Book

Slim and his grandson, Luis, are hungry and broke when they ride into Skinflint. Neither one of them have a peso. Luis looks at his abuelo and nods.

They haven't gone far when the sheriff of Skinflint stops them. "We don't allow no saddle tramps in Skinflint. You two need to git out of town."

Slim points out that they didn't come for a handout. They had come to Skinflint to treat the good folks to a pot of fandango bean stew! At that, he pulls out a small bean from his pocket and holds it high up in the air. "This here is the fandango bean. It will make fandango bean stew." The sheriff doesn't believe him, and neither did the mayor who has moseyed over with the owner of the town store.

Even though they declare"these hombres loco," Slim is able to borrow the big iron kettle from the store owner, some salt and pepper from the banker, an onion from the blacksmith's wife, some potatoes from the lawyer, and more from other townsfolk. Each time an ingredient is added, the contributors sang the "fandango bean stew song" with Slim and Luis. Before long, they were singing in 47-part harmony. (You will probably want to chime in, too.)

Fandango Stew by David Davis is a Western spin-off of "Stone Soup" complete with boots and saddles, horses and sheriff. Pair it with Ugly Stew by Lisa Wheeler and you'll have a whopper of a literary feast, right there in your classroom! Invite students to compare and contrast the two stories to build academic skills. The activities in the Kids Wings literature guide will extend other skills, too, through discussions, drama, problem solving, exploring new Spanish vocabulary, menu-making, and logic. Want to have some classroom fun? Bring in three "stone soup" spin-offs the best in award-winning, authentic picture books, add Kids Wings activities already prepared for you, and wah-la you have kids who become avid readers, writers, cooperators, and motivated learners! What more can you add to this stew? How about laughter?

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Internet Extensions for
Fandango Stew by David Davis

Author David Davis

Illustrator Ben Galbraith

Books with Food Connections:

Gobble It Up

Where Does Food Come From?

You can purchase activities for UGLY PIE (13 pages), FANDANGO STEW (12 pages), and DUCK SOUP (12 pages)! All 37 pages available for immediate download for only $16.95! Sharable within your school! Click Here to Download

The Kids Wings 10-page activity guide for
Fandango Stew by David Davis
provides fun and learning for grades K-3,
perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts or projection slides
on your SmartBoard!

Activities (see some screen shots below) include:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
2-page Readers Theater Script
Fandango Crossword Puzzle
Do I Understand? Multiple Choice Crossword Puzzle
Think-dango Page (Problem Solving)
Good for You Foods (research)
Healthy Activities
Lunch for the Principal (Logic Puzzle)
Answer Page

Here are the pages in the Kids Wings Unit:

Fandango Stew by David Davis
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Fandango Stew by David Davis NOW!

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"Ride of the Happy Cowboys" for our background music

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