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How to Babysit a Grandpa
by Jean Reagan

TLA 2x2 Award
Kids Wings Award

Today, your grandpa is coming to your house for the day. You know exactly what to do because you love him and know what he likes to do. Are you ready to babysit Grandpa?

It would be a good idea to read
How to Babysit a Grandpa before he comes.

First, remember not to yell when you see him. Grandpa likes quiet. Pretend you're a lion statue. Grandpa will wonder where you are. He might even say that he gives up. That is your chance to pop out and say "I'm HERE!" Take his hand and assure Grandpa that your parents will come back.

You'll need to plan snacks Grandpa likes, activities to do when you go for a walk together, ways to entertain him, pictures you can draw for him while he is taking a nap, and songs you can sing. There are also things you should remember NOT to do, too.

Before your parents come home, your Grandpa will probably ask you why you were a great grandpasitter. That's when you can reveal your secret and get him read How to Babysit a Grandpa to you.

Our Kids' Wings literature guide has discussion cards, activities, and puzzles that will extend your fun!

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Pre-reading Discussion Cards
2-page Readers Theater Script
Identifying and Using Shapes to Create Pictures
Picture Graph
A Building-Block Challenge
Confusion: Unscramble Their Words
Fun with a Crossword Puzzle
Answer Page


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