The Great Plant Escape
Wildflower Center

Illuminating Photosynthesis:  The Methuselah Tree

The Great Plant Escape
in Spanish
Drift Seeds and Drift Fruit

School Gardens

School Garden Connections


Food Cycle Song

God's Accuracy




Plants in Children's Literature
with Kids' Wings Literature Guides

Bread Comes to Life
by George Levenson with activity unit in Kids' Wings Springboards

Our Tree Named Steve
by Allen Zweibel with activity unit in Kids' Wings Springboards

Rainforest ABC
by Amanda Doering with activity unit in Kids' Wings Springboards

Pick, Pull, Snap: Where a Flower Once Bloomed
by Lola Shaefer with activity unit in Kids' Wings Book Bridges

Seeds by Lynn M. Stone with activity units in Serendipity

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds
by Nancy Wallace

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