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Lawn Boy

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The 26-page Kids' Wings unit for Lawn Boy who is an entrepreneur like we all want to be!  Lawn Boy is the perfect vehicle for improving vocabulary, comprehension, and math skills while having fun in your classroom!

The unit for Lawn Boy includes:

  • group discussion cards,
  • an anticipation guide,
  • a readers' theater script introducing the book,
  • a song (Economic Principles Song) to help students understand the foundational concepts of capitalism in the book,
  • chapter questions for predict/confirm, quartet reading,
  • 15-Second Summaries,
  • Crossword Puzzle,
  • Transforming a Business,
  • Reading Grandma's Mind,
  • Illustrating a Cover for the Sequel,
  • The Mathematics of Business,
  • Playing the Stock Market Logic Game,
  • Character Building: "Courage or Foolishness?" and "Honesty," and
  • Discuss-Predict-Writing Prompts.
  • Included is an interactive flow chart of the Lawn Boy's dramatic expansion.


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