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Comprehension Passage: What If?
Comprehesion Passage: Television and Children

Read, Write, Think

The Big6 Skills

The Big Book of Reproducible Graphic Organizers

99 Ways to Say "Well Done"

Nova Art Explosion 800,000!


Make a Difference

Brain Connection

Morning Devotional

Literary Treasures

List of all Texas Bluebonnet Books from 1995-2014


Origins of Everyday Phrases
A List of Everyday Phrases That Come From The Bible
Phrases Originating from the Bible

Why Children Curse

Dan's Education Cartoons Cartoons For Any Professional Projects

Words of Wisdom PLUS

Library Scavenger Hunt

Education Degree

Teacher Training Opportunities

Geraldine's Painless Homework    

Lofty Allocades  


Teachers' Domain

The Study Stack

Funny video:
Differentiated Curriculum

List of Moods and Tones
in PDF

Using Literature in the Classroom A-F
African-American Literature
Animal Story Books
Baseball Books
Bullying Literature
Dogs in Literature
Easy Chapter Books
Fairy Tales


Using Literature in the Classroom

Ghost Stories
Grandparent Stories
Handicapped Kids
Hero Stories
History and Historical Fiction
Horse Units
Law-Related Education
Learning from Our Mistake


Using Literature in the
Medieval Books
Middle School Books
Presidential Election and Citizens in Action
Science Fiction
Science Literature
Spanish - English Stories
World War II Literature

In Praise of a Teacher

"When Gen. Dwight Eisenhower was president, he invited writer James Michner to an occasion at the White House. Mr. Michner replied, ‘Dear Mr. President, I received your invitation three days after I had agreed to speak a few words at a dinner honoring the wonderful high school teacher who taught me to write. I know that you will not miss me at your dinner, but she might at hers.'

With understanding, the President answered, ‘In a lifetime a man can live under 15 or 16 presidents, but a really fine teacher comes into his life but rarely."


Math and Reading
Help for Kids

Wildflower Center Field Trips

Copyright--Fair Use:
What Can Be Copied?

Teaching Guide for the Three R's for Growing Up

(Grades 5-9)


Decision Making
Collaboration Rubric


Instructor Magazine OnLine

Odyssey of the Mind


Wildflower Center Field Trips
Rubric Room
National Science Teacher Association

Pen Pals


Texas Center for 
Educational Research
Kid Source
In-depth & timely education & healthcare information that will make a difference in

  the lives of parents & children.
Private School Listings

American Sign Language

Famous Art
SAT Practice

Life Skills for Kids:
Bullies, Obesity, Reading, Simplifying Life, Children and TV, Volunteerism, Internet, Parenting, Tobacco

U.S. Department of Education
Exerpts from 
Cradles of Eminence
Bingo Chip Bonkers

Chemistry Professor- -An AWESOME Course in Organic Chemistry!

What does a teacher make?
Character Education 
Could you pass the 
Elite College History 

test that  64% of  College 

Seniors failed?
Teacher Vision
Teacher Tips 
from Scholastic

Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students


Reach Out and Read


Kids' Wings' character-building quotes alphabetized for quick access!

Teaching Math in the Last Half Century (fun)
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
Left Handed Students
Graphic Organizers
More Graphic Organizers
National Science Teachers Association
All Education Schools

The Master Teacher

Family Watchdog... website showing where child sexual offenders live

The Teacher Corner
Comments you DON'T
want to see on your evaluation

Learning and Sleep


Improve Student Performance: Character Education


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Dr. Greene:  Caring for the Next Generation
The Forgotten Heroes
Drinking from My Saucer
Open House Help
My Prayer
Family Education

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