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Why is a story writer a very peculiar creature? Because his tale (tail) grows out of his head.  

"Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it. " (Good Writing Takes TIME!!)

Using Color to Learn to Write an Organized Expository Composition --
Colored Line Paper

Spider Writing Template

Award-winning Essays

Literary Model:
The Totally Terrific Valentine Party Book
by Judith Bauer Stamper 

For Reading, give students copies of the book's procedures to follow and create. For Writing, have kids write new procedures (using the writing model) for a DIFFERENT holiday! Authentic reading and writing!


Word Walls and Dialectical Journals
for Vocabulary Development

Alphabetical Poetry 

Vocabulary Builder: Baseball Taboo

Figurative Language

Editing Practice Read this story that uses NO conventions. Then, rewrite it using your best handwriting and the conventions of standard English!

What Are Complex Sentences? 
An active writing activity 
to introduce dependent clauses

Flip Books for Sentence Construction

Terrific Writing Models
1.  Christmas How-To Composition
2.  Thanksgiving  Composition

Winning Essays




Some Thoughts on SPELLING

Story Starter

Story Prompts

Conversation Plus Song

A Picture Story Starter
Click here for a full view:

The Polishing  Room where you learn
to write with an
ACTIVE voice!
Write with Voice Song

Adverb Song

Kid-Friendly Writing Rubric

Proofreading Tips

Lofty Allocades

Topics for Personal Journals

Point of View  Journals

A Cat's Journal

Interjections! Schoolhouse Rock

Need an original essay written by a specialist?
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may help you with your problem.

Read, Write, Think

Spelling Cheerleading Lesson Plan

Vocabulary: Alphabet Organizer


Add a QUOTE to your writing!

Ben Franklin's Writing Quote 

Writing Quote

Writing with Writers

Story Arts--Lesson Plans

Persuasion Map --Interactive Planning

BAD Metaphors!
Paint by Idiom 

Global Pen Pals
E-pals around the world

Because of Mr. Terupt-Learning about VOICE in Writing!
Plus a Kids Wings Literature Guide


"In today's schools where writing is used as a means to promote clear thinking, it appears that reading a variety of literary genres has a related positive effect on writing. In a study of second graders, Eckhoff (1983) examined their writing after one group read a highly simplified textbook and another group read a text containing many literary forms. The children's compositions reflected the writing models in their texts. Students exposed regularly to various literary forms seemed better able to use different literary forms in their own writing. Eckhoff concluded that the students' writing was affected by their reading models and recommended that teachers provide students with a variety of literary models."

From: Helping Children Understand Literary Genres. ERIC Digest.

This will give you an idea to run with! Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster
by Debra Frazier
An hysterical story that ends with a bang you will want to mimic in your own classroom!
Literature to enhance writing: Birthday Surprises by Joanna Hurwitz
A wonderful collection of responses by famous authors to the same prompt PLUS a Kids Wings Literature Guide!
Literature to enhance informative writing: The Totally Terrific Valentine Party Book by Judith Bauer Stamper  Literature to enhance autobiography writing:  Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street by Roni Schotter  
Literature to enhance narrative writing:
*Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher

*Rope Burn by Jan Siebold 

*Utterly Yours, Booker Jones by Betsy Duffey 

Literature to enhance journal writing: I'm in Charge of Celebrations 
by Byrd Baylor

Literature to inspire writers:

What Do Authors Do?

Dear Mrs. Larue:
Letters from Obedience School

Literature to enhance 
Halloween writing:
The Bat Poet

by Randall Jarrell
The wonders of DAY from a bat's point of view!  Now, stay up late into the night and write about all the wonders YOU see and hear!


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