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Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy

He wanted to play in the major leagues, but he had to be a good hitter to stay there. What can he do to come out of his slumps? This is the story of a baseball player whose treasure lay in playing in the major leagues. On the way to becoming one of the best hitters in baseball history, he paired up with Black Betsy, the biggest, meanest old bat in the game! 

With such a terrific batting record, why isn't the name of Shoeless Joe Jackson in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Literary Connections

"Casey at the Bat"
Aaron Shephard's Readers' Theater

Honus and Me
by Dan Gutman

Shoeless Joe and Me, 
A Baseball Card Adventure

by Dan Gutman

Home Run by Robert Burleigh 

The Luckiest Man: Lou Gehrig 
by David Adler 

A Season of Comebacks 
by Kathy Mackel 

 Research Links
Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy
by Phil Bildner

Black Betsy 
Career Highlights

Baseball Reference

Legends of the Game

National Baseball Hall of Fame

Exploratorium's Science of Baseball

Math Baseball

Multimedia Connection 
Field of Dreams Movie Site


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