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Project Mulberry
by Linda Sue Park

Julia Song and her best friend Patrick join talents to win a blue ribbon at the state fair!

Julia: Ms. Park, you are going to write it so that Patrick and I win, aren't you?
Ms. Park: I don't know the ending yet, Julia.
Julia: How can you NOT know the ending? Didn't you plan it all out?
Ms. Park: I planned you and Patrick and what you wanted to do, but sometimes the story has to write itself.

It won't be easy, but difficult projects have never stopped them before.

Julia: Are you going to tell them about how Patrick and I had a leaf collection?
Ms. Park: I think I can fit that in.
Julia: Well, you're not going to give me a little brother are you?
Ms. Park: He might create some interesting problems.
Julia: Well, I don't like the idea.
Ms. Park: You're not writing the book, Julia. I am. But eventually, you may take over.

The first thing they will need to do is to find a unique project with lots of possibilities for collaboration and extension. When Julia's mother suggests the silkworm project, Julia balks. After all, she IS American, isn't she? A silkworm project just seems too...too Korean. She wants to do a project that will celebrate her family's new country. But, Patrick is so excited, and she hates to burst his bubble, so she goes along, all the time thinking of ways to "Americanize" it.

As Julia tells the story of Project Mulberry, there are inevitable obstacles to hurdle as they use the scientific method to plan and develop their ideas. You'll get to know Julia and will probably want her to collaborate on your next project, too! You might even find yourself TALKING with her!

Between the chapters, you get to read a conversation between the author and Julia to learn some of the processes this author uses to create her story. What a unique strategy for understanding writing and point of view!

Project Mulberry will inspire you to grab a friend and start a project of your own!


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