The Ripple Effect

The 2007-2008 
Celebrations Workshop

Presenter: Suzy Red

Workshop Descriptor:

Title: The Ripple Effect, Award-Winning Literature for the Classroom, selections from the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List and Junior Library Guild.

Books: Selections from Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List for 2007-2008, The Junior Library Guild including The White Elephant by Sid Fleischman, The Perfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen by Jane Yolen, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo, and a bonus Newbery unit for Charlotte's Web.

Audience: Librarians, Teachers, and Administrators Grades 3-7 (Bring a FRIEND!)

Descriptor and Focus:
Toss a rock into a mirror-calm lake. Ripples flow from the power of the rock and extend out into the lake. Reactions happen. Some ripples sink acorns. Some ripples wake up fish. Some ripples rock ducks to sleep, but some cause them to fly. Some ripples attract attention.

"Each choice we make causes a ripple effect in our lives. When things happen to us, it is the reaction we choose that can create the difference between the sorrows of our past and the joy in our future." As our youngsters face present difficulties and future challenges, it is essential that they understand the importance of choices and the value of their reaction to it. Each choice sets in motion a series of RIPPLES. Fortunately, our young people, themselves, do not always have to personally experience the consequences of choices. They can learn from others who have thrown the rocks, from their stories, from their ripples.

Award-winning literature for grades 3-7 presents many lessons in The Ripple Effect. In the new Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List for 2007-2008 as well as several others and reviews over surprise books, we will explore the literary possibilities that invite youngsters to analyze events, their causes, their effect, and their consequences. Our workshops make~

* TAKS testing fun,
* character crucial,
* problem solving enticing,
* research essential,
* the curriculum connected,
* the internet inviting,
* and the "ripple effect" meaningful in our own life choices.

You will receive a bound professional guide filled with hundreds of pages of creative, active ideas--excellent for literary circles as well as for individual and whole class interaction and tutoring. The activities are perfect for extending and enriching your G/T curriculum as well as an excellent source of material for directing literature circles and tutoring! Join us for a breath of fresh curriculum that includes laughter, songs, problem solving, character building, and new approaches to skill building!

Participants will:
...participate in extension activities for award winning literature in the
Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List for 2007-2008 plusThe White Elephant and others.
...explore ways to integrate the curriculum around literature and library resources that enable students to grow excited and skillful in research, project building, and problem solving.
...understand the possibilities that literature has for weaving respect and developing character in every aspect of a child's life.
...receive The Ripple Effect and a CD containing the book in pdf and PowerPoint formats as well as additional activities and games. Also included this year is a site license to allow the material to be shared
within your school.
...receive on-going website extensions and support through Kids Wings'
...receive a 6 hour gifted-and-talented certificate

A foundation in great literature is essential in our preparation for standardized testing, and most importantly, for a LIFELONG LOVE OF LEARNING. Character lessons, academic skills, and authentic life skills are transmitted through refreshing, authentic ways as a natural part of fine literature. Hone those skills in our workshop and guide, The Ripple Effect. Life is not a drill-kill-test! It is true heroes facing everyday challenges together, developing character supported by lasting friendships, and hope that comes from strength in numbers to stand strong against terrorism, peer pressure, fears, depression, and substance abuse. These heroes are present in the best literature for children! Throw your rock in our pond and watch the ripples!

Let this award-winning literature lead your students into an active, integrated curriculum that is rich in character, reading and math skills, science, social studies, research, problem solving, internet projects, and FUN...all keyed into Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and TEKS objectives with the creative TAKS practice. This authentic learning will help improve your students' preparation for the future...preparation that values right over wrong from character to TAKS! Come enjoy the curriculum that ripples from award winning literature!

The units in our guides can be used for exciting parent participation in your school's tutoring program!

Workshop Schedule

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Note from Suzy Red: Chicken Boy was not included in The Ripple Effect because of several occurances of cursing in the text. Since students are punished for cursing in the classroom, we believe it is inappropriate to hold up award-winning literature with cursing in it as their model. "Children learn what they live."