Down Girl's Melody:
Wind in My Ears
Lyrics by Suzy Red, Sung by Ted Newman

Head out the window, riding in my car
Wind's in my face, hope we go far.

My master is a drivin'. Rruff is his name.
I point out a squirrel, But he's never game.

Bark! Growl!
Whimper and whine!
The life of a dog
Is ever so fine!
Arf! Arf! Arf!
Whimper and whine!
The life of a dog is fine.

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Inspired by On the Road with Down Girl and Sit by Lucy Nolan
from The Ripple Effect, © Suzy Red, March, 2007, Lockhart, TX

© Notice: If you have purchased the Down Girl and Sit unit, you have permission to use this in your classroom.