Situation Cards
for The Earth Dragon Awakes Refugee Simulation







A wild animal is following you. What will you do?







Refugee #3 in your group falls and breaks his/her leg. What will you do?








You come to a place that can only be crossed on a bridge. Create a model using debris (things you have in your possession right now).








Refugee #1 in your group finds a berry bush. What will you do?









A small dog is ahead, whining and buried in unstable rubble. What will you do?









When you woke up this morning one of you objects (and one of your neighbors' objects) was gone. Each neighbor should draw an object card from his/her stack to see what it was. What will you do without it?









A tree beside you falls and hits Refugee #2. This person stops breathing. What will you do?






A cold rain begins to fall. Refugee #4 begins to cough and shiver. What will you do?








A boulder blocks the narrow path ahead. You cannot turn back. What will you do?

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