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by Tony Abbott

My class was a regular class ... like yours. My and friends and I were a lot like you ... sometimes goofy ... sometimes thoughtless. But, I remember when things changed. We were getting ready for the election of the class president. Everything was normal, but I remember the whispering start.

Voice 1: (whispering) I heard we were getting a new girl in our class.
Voice 2: Why are you whispering?
Voice 3: (whispering) There's something … uh, not normal right about her.
Voice 4: Yeah, I heard the teachers are whispering about her.
Voice 5: I heard she looks strange.
Voice 6: YOU look strange.
Voice 7: No, not just strange, scary.
Voice 8: Scary? Does she have fangs?
Voice 1: No, doofus. It's worse than fangs.
Voice 2: What could be worse than fangs?
Voice 3: I heard her face is … is … gone.
Voice 4: Gone?
Voice 5: Melted away.
Voice 6: Melted?
Voice 7: I heard she is burned, terribly burned.
Voice 8: Ewww. I hope she doesn't sit by me.
Voice 1: Sh-h-h. I think the teacher's coming.
Teacher: Class, we will be getting a new student shortly. Her name is Jessica Feeney.
Voice 2: Is she … uh … like they are saying?
Teacher: She has been badly … badly ... burned and has come to St. Catherine's Catholic School because we are close to the hospital where she will be getting treatment.

That's the way it started. The beginning. The nice kids called her Jessica ...just not often enough ... but some kids who didn't understand what she was going through called her "Firegirl." I haven't been the same since. After you read my story, I'll bet you won't be the same either.


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Firegirl by Tony Abbott

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Firegirl for a Day, A Simulation
The Class: A Crossword Puzzle
A Readers’ Theater Script for 9 Voices
Making Connections: A Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions and Main Idea
Multiple Choice Comprehension for Chapter 6
Writing Prompts
Tom's Class: A Logic Puzzle
Jessica's Ripples, A Game
Writing Prompts


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