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A Kids' Wings Award Winner for 2007

The White Elephant
by Sid Fleischman

Many years ago, in old Siam, Run-Run's mother was killed by a vicious tiger, leaving him all alone. Alone, that is, except for Walking Mountain, his enormous elephant who had been his father's and his father's before him. Walking Mountain worked hard and kept Run-Run safe. Safe, that is, until the day he accidently insulted a very unpleasant prince by drenching him with river water and decorating his clothes with little fish!

Oh, the ripples that splash caused! Oh, the curse it brought upon Run-Run! The prince gave Run-Run a gift that was intended to be a curse, one that would destroy his life. Indeed, the gift did change Run-Run's life. But, can the clever elephant boy turn a curse into a blessing? Will he ever realize his dream?

In this story, Sid Fleischman works his unique magic into his words through vivid description, figurative language, and a story filled with compassion and perseverance. Wide-spaced lines and short chapters invite even younger readers to step into this story, ride along with Run-Run, and once again, find themselves transformed into another place and another time.

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The White Elephant by Sid Fleischman

A 23-Page Unit for The White Elephant is a part of a collection of 40 units in The Ripple Effect.

The Unit Contains:
Anticipation Guide
Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater
Map Study
Vocabulary Activity
Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions
Spotting Similes Drawing Activity
Multiple Choice Comprehension
A Four-Page Writing Lesson: Story Ripples
Logic Puzzle

Elephant Research
Evaluating the Illustrations
A White Elephant Party

and MORE! 


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