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Do you like to watch major league baseball? Have you ever been to a real game? If you had lived a hundred years ago, the baseball games you might have attended would have been quite different from those you see today. Why? A hundred years ago, African-Americans were not allowed in the major leagues. They had to play in the Negro Leagues and life was very different for them.

These gifted black baseball players had to hitch rides in the backs of pick-up trucks, wear hand-me down uniforms, barnstorm to find other teams to play, and endure segregation, hatred, disgusting conditions, and low pay, all because of the color of their skin. But, have no doubt, they were talented and dedicated to the game! Their skills often surpassed those of white players on major league teams...probably because they often had to play four games a day and had no off-season! They even developed their own unique style to entertain their fans.

Author Kadir Nelson narrates the story in the voice of one of the early black baseball players telling the story of unsung heroes of the game. His astounding paintings on every page of this oversized book are framable. It will be an enjoyable read-aloud history of particular interest to boys.

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You can purchase the complete Kids' Wings 10-page Unit for We Are the Ship by Kadir Nelson NOW for immediate download for only $6.95!
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