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Out of My Mind
by Sharon Draper

Melody was born with a love for words and music.
She remembered every word she ever heard.
Every story.
Every poem.
To her, music was colorful, and each had its own distinctive taste.
Her head was soon filled with melodies, tempos, and rhythms.
She longed to use the words, to dance to the music.

But Melody was born with neither the ability to speak her beloved words nor with the coordination to dance to the music she loved.

Melody was born with cerebral palsy.
Inside her mind, she was a genius with a photographic memory.

Inside her mind, she was a girl who longed to have friends.
Out of her mind, her arms, legs, and head were uncontrollable.
The only sounds she could make were grunts, squeaks, and noises. She could not feed herself. She had to be taken to the bathroom.

Melody COULD smile and her eyes were bright windows where her parents could see in and know she was intelligent. If only she could talk.

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper documents Melody's bittersweet story of her struggles to be normal, to be understood, and to share what is inside her mind. Melody tells of being diagnosed as profoundly retarded when she was 5-years old. She shares the anguish and determination of a family, one dear neighbor, and rare teachers who love her, who believe in her, and persevere to help her connect with the world with a Medi-Talker and through inclusion classes. Still, the friendships she so dearly seeks are tenuous and stormy. What will happen when she finally steps out of her mind and earns a place on the school's Whiz Kids team?

Out of My Mind is a story everyone should read, from 3rd grade through adult. It will awaken the "normal" person's understanding of handicapped persons and will encourage interaction and warmth when the two meet.

The Kids' Wings literature guide invites group discussion, problem solving, research, writing, skill building, authentic writing prompts, and a culminating interactive Jeopardy-type game in Whiz-Kid style that allows the entire class to participate at the same time. Teachers who want students to empathize and welcome interaction with those less "normal" than they will want make this book part of their classroom libraries.

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You can purchase the 41-page unit PLUS a Jeopardy-type game for Out of My Mind for immediate download in both PDF and Powerpoint formats for only $19.95, available NOW! To purchase and download from Teachers Pay Teachers, Click Here


A 41-page unit PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson planning, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper is now available!

The Kids Wings Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
2 -Page Readers’ Theater Introduction
Map Study: Where in the World is Ohio?
Making Connections: Before Reading Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions
Character Studies
Teacher Report Card
Crossword Puzzle: Who is Melody?
Research: What is Cerebral Palsy
Logic Puzzle: Melody's H-5 Classmates
Activities for Visualizing the Chapters through Dra wing
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Simulation: Melody for a Day
Writing a Biography
Logic Puzzle: Mrs. V's Super Powers
Recalling and Analyzing the Chapters, Discuss and Write
Bittersweet Victories
How Could It Get Any Worse? Discussion Questions
Wrapping it Up, Discussion Questions
Comparing Rose and Claire
Character Check
Poetry That Grows Out of Experience, Diamante, Couplet, Quatrain
Analyze the Quote
Writing Prompts
Training Our Brains to Remember
Answer Keys

Plus, an interactive Jeopardy-type game in Quiz Kids' Style for the Whole Class!

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