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The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity
by Mac Barnett

Steve Brixton loves to read the Bailey Boys Mysteries. The series has taught him all he knows about being a detective, and now, it seems, he has become an amateur private detective. He's is able to solve mysteries with just a few clues, but no one takes him first.

Then, his favorite teacher gives his class a weekend assignment and he draws the worst subject he can imagine: Early American Needlework! Now would you want an assignment like that? He thinks it will be the most boring weekend ever, but he is dead wrong. Who could imagine a Saturday afternoon trip to the library turning into an extraordinary trip into the world of mystery!

First, when the librarian scans his book, the lights go out, alarms sound, and pandemonium breaks loose. Then, an armed secret agents with weapons drawn drops from the skylight. What would you do? Steve ran...right into six other masked agents coming through the front door. Others crashed through the side windows as Steve dove for cover.

Can you imagine being charged with TREASON just because you checked out a book on early American Needlework! Well, Steve couldn't either! He was dumbfounded when he discovered who this taskforce of agents were and what happened when he made his getaway. Mistaken for a REAL private detective, Steve is chased through the story by highly trained library agents in a prom limosine, a wild bookmobile, an evil saboteur, and the entire police force. Jump on board for an exciting adventure toward an extraordinary destination!

You'll need to find a soft carpet because you'll be rolling on the floor laughing your head off as Steve and his chum Dana leap from clue to clue trying to solve this crazy caper of the Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity. It's a cleverly written, laugh-out-loud romp, reminiscent of "the old days" when kids sent off boxtops for detective licenses and lived in books they read.

The Kids' Wings literature guide invites group discussion, problem solving, deciphering clues, building your skills, and sliding into an interactive Jeopardy-type game that will test your powers of surveillance. Teachers who want students to enjoy the fun of romping through the first of a terrific new mystery series, will find this first-of-the-series a MUST-have for their class library and the Kids Wings unit essential to interactive fun and skill-building!

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A 44-page unit PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson planning, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity is now available!

The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
2 -Page Readers’ Theater Introduction
Making Connections: Before Reading Quick Writes and Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions
Crossword Puzzle: Character Connections
Think Like a Dog--Classifying Buddy's Characteristics
Crossword Puzzle: Pandemonium in the Library
Detective Notes
Map Study: Where in the World is California
Activities for Visualizing the Chapters through Drawing
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities, Cause and Effect, Inference, and more!
Character Analysis
Picture the Idioms
Recalling and Analyzing the Chapters, Discuss and Write
Vocabulary List and Game
Reading Readers Theater from the Book
Sehtence Gymnastics
Comparing and Contrasting Books
Cloze Activities
Character Poems
Answer Keys

Plus, an interactive Jeopardy-type game!

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