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The Shadows
by Jacqueline West

Olive Dunwoody has just moved into her first house. Oh, never mind that it's old, dusty, and creepy. It's a house, not an apartment. Her parents, mathematics professors think its the perfect place to play their math games, devise new theorems, and prepare for the college classes they teach. As usual, Olive is on her own, but she's used to it since she's not a math genius...actually, she is not even good in math. Her parents are patient with her but suspect that she may be a genetic aberration.

When Olive begins to explore the house, she finds knickknacks and an odd pair of spectacles in drawers. In the corridors and rooms, discovers something very strange about the paintings on the walls in the old mansion. Something moves inside them! Looking through the spectacles, she discovers she can enter a painting. There, she finds a small boy named Morton and something frightening ... something dark, shadowy, evil. Something that reeks of spells (not the kind in your textbook) and witches.

Joined by three suspicious cats, Olive's determination to help Morton puts her life in danger when the shadows materialize. Will she be able to fight the evil that is determined to destroy her and her family? Do you think she tells her parents what she knows?

The Shadows is the first of The Books of Elsewhere by Jacqueline West. It is best read under the covers with a flashlight, but a darkened classroom with candlelight and spooky music provides an acceptable setting. This story will take you to an extraordinary destination, indeed!

The Kids' Wings literature guide invites group discussion, problem solving, research, writing, skill building, and authentic writing prompts and a culminating interactive Jeopardy-type game. Teachers who want students to enjoy the fun of a classic SPOOKY, fast-moving fantasy-mystery set in a haunted house will want make this book part of their classroom libraries.

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You can purchase the 40-page unit PLUS a Jeopardy-type game for The Shadows for immediate download for only $18.95!
Click Here to Download Now!

A spine-tingling 40-page activity unit/teacher guide PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson planning, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for The Shadows by Jacqueline West is now available!

The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
2 -Page Readers’ Theater Introduction
Preparing Your Intellectual Tools
Words that Paint Pictures, Figurative Language

Vocabulary List
Vocabulary Five-In-A-Row Game
Blank Vocabulary Five-In-A Row Game
Making Connections: Before Reading Quick Writes and Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions
Character Study
Changing Poetry: Diamante
Changing Poetry: Writing Diamante
Paintings in the House on Linden Street
Dunwoody Math Squares # 1 and # 2
The Utensils in the Kitchen Drawers: Creative Logic
Illustrate it!
Main Idea and Summarizing, Teaching Page
Crossword Puzzle: People and Things
Activities for Visualizing the Chapters through Drawing
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Note Taking in Chapter 12
Clues Lead to Key Facts in Chapter 14
The Mystery Solved! Chapter 17, A Cloze Activity
Recalling and Analyzing and Writing About the Events in Chapters 18-24, Discuss and Write
Writing Prompts
Answer Keys

Plus, an interactive Jeopardy-type game!

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