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Whatever After: Fairest of All
by Sarah Mlynowski
2013-2014 Texas Bluebonnet
SM Nominee
Kids Wings Top Flight Award
Hardcover Book
Paperback Edition
Kindle Edition

Have you ever had insomnia? No, that's not a new kind of spaghetti. Insomnia is not being able to sleep and for little kids, that the best excuse in the world for getting to go exploring in the middle of the night! That's what my clever little brother did. When he found an item of interest that he was exploring for, he woke me up from a fairy tale dream and dragged me into the basement to see it. What do you think it was? You knew? A mirror? Really? You're ahead of me. It looked like a pretty normal mirror at first, but Jonah showed me what happened to it when he knocked once, then twice, and then, that perfectly normal mirror turned into a supersonic vacuum cleaner and sucked both into the most incredible adventure you can ever imagine! We ended up in a fairy tale where Snow White was about to get knocked off by her stepmother disguised as an apple peddler. We couldn't let that happen, could we? We had to save her life, but in the process, we ended up messing up her life ... and the whole fairy tale! How can she live happily forever after if she never ate the poison apple and was saved by the handsome prince? We had messed up big time. Didn't we?

Would you like to know what happened? Well, good, because I wrote it all down for you, from my point of view, the big sister who is practicing to become a judge, but of course, I have to practice to become a lawyer first. It's all in a new book called Whatever After: Fairest of All and YOU will love it!

Whatever After: Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski brings fun into storytime again ... complete with danger (a supercharged stepmother who attacks with poisoned apple, hammer, laces, and ... ), a courageous little brother, a castle with a moat and drawbridge and flying crocodiles, and the regular pieces like seven dwarfs (okay, they aren't so regular either), a prince, a mirror with integrity, and a wild growling animal on the prowl.

The story is written with widely space lines and a vocabulary that is more fun than challenge. The Kids Wings unit will help extend the fun and punctuate the skills (don't tell the kids) and the 50-slide Jeopardy-type game for a conclusion provide a competitive ending!

Research Links for
Whatever After: Fairest of All
by Sarah Mlynowski

Author Sarah Mlynowski

Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales
Grimm's Fairy Tales

Preparation for the Mock Trial in the Kids Wings Literature Guide:
Fairy Tale Courtroom: Jack and the Beanstalk
Goldilocks on Trial Video
State vs. Goldilocks, Video of a Mock Trial
Video of A Mock Trial on YouTube

Preparation for the Research:
Biographies of Supreme Court Justices

Literature Connections:
Fairy Tales and Fairy Tale Spin-offs with Kids Wings Literature Guides

Mirror, Mirror, A Book of Reversible Verse

Snow White, She Unabridged Version

Order the 1937 Version on CD

Whatever After: If the Shoe Fits
Whatever After: Sink or Swim

Quotes to memorize:

“Mirror, mirror, here I stand. Who is the fairest in the land?” Wilhelm Karl Grimm, Grimm's Fairy Tales

"When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty, I read them openly. When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."
C. S. Lewis

"Those of us who are blamed when old for reading childish books were blamed when children for reading books too old for us. No reader worth his salt trots along in obedience to a time table." C. S. Lewis

“I believe that in a way, sadness is happiness for there can be no wrong without right, no light without dark, no success without failure, no relief without pain, no love without hatred and no Snow White without the evil queen.” Girl234


A 35-page unit PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for Whatever After: Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski is now available!

The Kids Wings Activity Guide Contains:

Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Powerful Prediction Paragraphs
Vocabulary List
2-Page Readers Theater Script;
That's So Tweet (Writing with Twittery Tweets)
The Research Song
Order in the Court! Preparing for a Mock Trial
The Sequence of a Trial
Mock Trial: Fairy Tale Land vs. Evil Evelyn, 5 pages
Research a Supreme Court Justice
Once Upon a Time, Converting Real Time to Fairy Tale Time
Gabby, Gabby, On the Wall
Character Reflections
Getting to the Core: A Science Investigation
Testing the Water, Science Observations and Conclusions
Seven Silly Drwarfs
Letter Ever After, Editing
Snow White, Compare and Contrast
Answer Pages
Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game

You can purchase the 35-page literature guide PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game for Whatever After: Fairest of All for immediate download!
Click here to purchase and download through Teachers Pay Teachers



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A special thanks to Laura's Midi Heaven for allowing us to use Moritz Moszkowski's "Etincelles," performed by Robert Finley

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