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Three Times Lucky
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by Sheila Turnage
2013 Newbery Honor Book
2013 Kids Wings Award Book
Junior Library Guild

Mo comes from an unusual family. Born eleven years earlier in an unknown upstream location to a desperate mother trapped in a hurricane, Baby Mo was tied to a sign that read "CAFÉ" and turned loose to ride the flooded creek like an underage cowgirl. Who was she? Where did she come from? Where was her mother? Could the sign have been "a sign"? No one knew.

Fortunately, a middle-aged man crashed into a tree on her path. Unfortunately, he hit his head in the accident and became disoriented. Fortunately, Mr. Macon Johnson found him the next morning, lying in the mud, holding a new-born baby beside the creek. The battered sign-turned-raft lay beached beside them, but there was no sign of the man's memory. Who was he? Where was he from? Why was he out in a hurricane? No one knew.

Johnson took the man and the baby to a lady in Tupelo Landing where she opened her arms wide to the tiny infant and raised her as her own. All the amnesic man the man could recall was that he had stumbled across a baby wrapped in cloth on a raft, a newborn like one in the Bible who had been set afloat in the reeds, a infant he had consequently named Moses just before he passed out. Together, the lady named Miss Lana and the man opened a café together with separate living quarters facing the creek in back and provided the best home they could for the highly spirited little girl they now called Mo. Their café became a busy meeting place for the small town's eclectic residents.

Then one day, a detective, suspicious-looking himself, stopped at the Tupelo Café to investigate a murder. It was as if the café held its breath. A murder in Tupelo Landing? Who had been murdered? Why? Who could be next? No one knew.

Would the detective even care about grumpy old Jesse Tatum's report of his missing fishing boat? Why did 11-year old Dale who was helping Mo at the café drop the glass when Mr. Jesse reported it? Why would Dale tell the detective that his name was "Phillip"? Can you guess?

What followed was kidnapping, murder, and mayhem glued together with engagingly fishy characters, hysterical dialog, a captivating plot, profoundly important subplots, and the most fascinating, unique figures of speech ever painted into one great book.


This new murder mystery narrated by plucky Mo LeBeau herself has raised the bar for fun and excellence in children's and young adult literature! No gore! Just a trace of blood! You will love its engaging characters and vocabulary that will set your problem-solving mind to bouncing! Its 256-pages of spell-binding events are illustrated with the best, most unique pieces of figurative language ever written! You won't be surprised when the three interwoven stories create memories that spell out "MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER" for even the most reluctant reader!

For classroom connections, the 68-page Kids Wings Literature Guide and 50-slide Jeopardy-type interactive game for Three Times Lucky will extend the fun, hone reading skills, stimulate interaction by having students assume roles of characters, inspire problem-solving, and lay the foundation for positive character development.

In addition, busy teachers love the many pages of authentic multiple-choice, short-answer check-ups as well as connected research, and writing prompts connected to real award-winning literature! You can depend on Kids Wings to prepare your students for standardized testing by stimulating, challenging, and stretching their brains instead of lulling them to sleep with boring, mind-numbing drill-and-kill!

The well-deserved winner of a 2012 Newbery Honor Award, Three Times Lucky will bring laughter, suspense, and excitement into your classroom that will have your kids begging expand their vocabularies, predicting what will happen next, vying to be the first to discover "who-done-it," and be ready to face real problems in their own lives with courage and ingenuity.


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Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

Sheila Turnage's Biography
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Classroom Debates

A Mystery to Solve: The Case of the Stolen Birthday Cake

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You can purchase the 60-page literature guide PLUS 53-slide interactive Jeopardy-type game for Three Times Lucky for immediate download! Only $19.95!
Click here to purchase and download this Kids Wings Literature Guide through Teachers Pay Teachers

The Kids Wings 68-page literature guide PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage is now available!

This Kids Wings Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
3-Page Choral Reading Script
Creating and Using a Dialectical Journal
Scientific Investigation with The Process Skills Song
Detective Notes
Map Skills: Where in the World is North Carolina
Become a Character! Experience the Fun!
Character Studies
Tracking Figurative Language
5-in-a-Row Vocabulary Logic with Blank 5-in-a-Row Template
9 Grouped Chapters: Vocabulary, Predict-Read-Confirm
Multiple Choice and Short Answer Chapter Check-ups
Visualizing the Text, Draw Your Answer
Collecting and Using Visuals and Text Evidence
Wanted Posters
Crossword Puzzle
The Murder Mystery Motif Logic Puzzle
God: What People in the Story Believe and What I Believe
Research SHOCK
Recall, Analyze, Discuss, and Write About Events in Chapters 25 and 26
Crossword Puzzle: The Climax
Who Done It, Final Thoughts
Research Alcoholism
Family Roles in An Alcoholic's Family, a Song
The Master Painter, A Fallen Letter Puzzle with a Bonus Advanced Puzzle
Character Poems
The Grand Finale: Classroom Discussion and Debate
Blues and Clues Logic Puzzle
Writing Prompts
Poster Templates for Character Analysis During Reading
Answer Pages
Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game

Three Times Lucky is included in the Kids Wings Trials and Courage Collection of literature guides for award-winning novels and intermediate-level picture books all on one convenient CD. Included are 848 pages of activities in 22 titles PLUS 18 "Jeopardy-type" games! You can purchase a literature guide individually for around $19.95, but if you order Trials and Courage Collection, you can get 29 literature guides for only $25, or less than $1 each! This is probably the greatest bargain in the USA, as long as quantities last!


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