What's Up? What's Down?
by Lola M. Schaefer

Nature takes the reader up and down to understand the world from underground, to the moon and back down to the deepest part of the ocean.


What's Up? What's Down?
is i
n the Kids Wings Book Bridges Collection of award-winning picture books, now available in download!


Activities in What's Up? What's Down? include:
Crossword Fun
Words That Describe
Under, On, In, and Over
Up, Up to the Sky to the tune of HOme on the Range
Words that Tell How Things Move, A Word Web
Prewriting: Up and Down

Internet Extensions:

Powers of Ten (awesome!)

Coral Reef Animal Printouts

Solar System

Earth Science Gems

Enchanted Learning Physical Science

Pair with Old Shell, New Shell


A Unit for What's Up, What's Down is in Tickles, Tricks, and Treasure  


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