Christmas Box in August Skit
(An Introduction to the Operation Christmas Child®, Samaritan's Purse® program)
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"To demonstrate God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ."

3 little, poor-looking boys, Boy 3 is the youngest and funny)
2 teenage girls, Rachel & Kelly

(Three barefooted, dirty, ragged, “poor” Children are tossing a small stone (possibly invisible) back and forth on the stage as two teenagers walk slowly down the center aisle laughing, talking, and carrying 3 or 4 shoe boxes.)

Boy 1: (to the other boys) Look at this rock I found in the street.

Boy 2: Cool. It looks like flint!

Boy 3: Did you know that flint falls from rainbows.

Boy 1: We could play catch!

Boy 2: Here! (# 1 tosses it to # 2)

Boy 3: Toss it to me!

(# 2 tosses it to # 3 and so on)

Boy 1: (Stop to study the rock) If we could find some more, we could play marbles.

Boy 2: If we could find a stick, we could play baseball.

Boys 1 and 3: Great idea!

(Boys start looking around on the stage and pick up rocks, tossing them in the air and catching them. One finds a stick and takes a few practice swing as one pretends to pitch a rock.)

Boy 3: Home run!

Rachel: What are you all doing?

Boy 1: Playing baseball.

Kelly: Where’s your ball?

Boy 2: It went over the fence. (pointing)

Rachel: Wow!

Boy 3: Whatcha got in the boxes?

Kelly: New shoes.

Boy 2: Can I see?

Kelly: Sure. (She starts to take shoes out of the box)

Boy 1: (pointing and counting boxes) How can you wear that many shoes?

Rachel: We had some extra money and decided to spend it on shoes.

Boy 2: (pitifully questioning) Extra money?

Boy 3: Once I found a WHOLE dime.

Boy 1: Do you NEED the shoeboxes?

Rachel: Well, uh, the boxes? I don’t know…

Kelly: What would you do with shoe boxes? Put your rocks in them? (giggling)

Boy 2: No. We would put something EVEN BETTER in them.

Boy 3: We would fill them to the top!

Boy 1: And then, we would send them around the world.

Rachel: (giggling) You’re so cute! You have some wild imaginations! I’ll give you my boxes.

Kelly: Raaaacheeel, if you gave them your shoeboxes, where would you keep your shoes?

Rachel: (to the boys) Exactly what would you fill your boxes with?

Boy 2: Well, I would put a shiny little toy car in my box.

Boy 3: Me, too.

Boy 1: I would put some colored pencils in the bottom. Then, I would put in some paper. Next I would put in something to play with…like a ball.

Boy 2: I would put in some lollipops and gum and maybe a toothbrush and toothpaste and a little dog.

Kelly: A little dog?

Boy 2: A STUFFED little dog.

Boy 3: Me, too! (nodding enthusiastically)

Boy 1: Then, I would put in a real calculator and some batteries for it.

Boy 2: I would put in jump rope and a harmonica!

Boy 3: Me, too! (nodding enthusiastically)

Rachel: And how do you plan to BUY all these new things?

Boys: We could sell our rocks. Want to buy one? (each hold one up)

Kelly: We just spent all of our money.

Rachel: When you get your boxes all filled up, what will you do with them?

Boy 1: We would send them around the world … to POOR little kids.

Kelly: What POOR little kids?

Boy 2: Poor little kids…you know, the ones who don’t know JESUS.

Kelly: Why would you do that?

Boy 3: Because we love them.

Boy 1: And we want to share JESUS’s love.

Boy 2: The shoe boxes will tell poor kids that JESUS loves them! I’ll help!

Rachel: HOW would you get them all over the world?

Kelly: Did you know that is a LONG way?

Boy 1: We would give them to Operation Christmas Child®.

Rachel: Oh, yes, our church does that at Christmas time.

Kelly: But this is just August! Christmas is a LONG time away!

Boy 2: If we had shoe boxes, we could start now. (wishfully)

Boy 3: If we had some money…(sadly).

Rachel: (thoughtfully) Oh. I have an idea.

Kelly: What’s your idea, Rachel?

Rachel: We really don’t really NEED all of these shoes, do we, Rachel?

Kelly: No, I am beginning to think we need something else more.

Rachel: Kids, I’ll bet we can help you.

Boy 2: Really?

Boy 3: Really?

Boy 1: How?

Rachel: (giggling) We’re going to take back all these shoes and get the money for them.

Boy 1: But what about our SHOEBOXES?

Boy 2: Yeah, what ABOUT our shoeboxes?

Boy 3: Yeah, what about OUR shoeboxes?

Kelly: We can look in our closets…we have lots of shoeboxes just sitting


Kelly: (laughing) Yes, I guess we are!

Rachel: And we can ask our aunts and uncles for their old shoe boxes!

Boy 2: Are THEY rich, too?

Kelly: (laughing) Yes, I guess they are, too! Then, we can take you to the
store, so you can help us fill them up.

Rachel: If we start now, we can fill up LOTS of boxes by the time Operation Christmas Child® starts!

Boy 1: We can tell poor kids we love them! We’ll help!

Boy 2: They will like the toys.

Boy 3: I’ll give them my rock.

Children: Then the POOR kids will be rich!

Boy 2: They will know that Jesus loves them.

Boy 3: Can I help?

Rachel and Kelly: Of course, you can! (Give the boys hugs and pats)

Rachel: (to the congregation) It’s not too early to start filling up YOUR
shoeboxes, too!

Kelly: Just think about how many shoeboxes YOU have in YOUR closet!

Rachel: Every time you go to the store, you can pick up one or two special
things for your Operation Christmas Child® and put them in your shoeboxes.

Kelly: By the time we start collecting them, you’ll have lots.

Boy 3: Maybe even twenty eleven!

Boys: We’re RICH! (dancing around and clapping) We KNOW who JESUS IS!

Kelly & Rachel: (to the audience) Would you help us make the POOR kids RICH!

All: Start filling YOUR shoeboxes today!


by Suzy Red, First Lockhart Baptist Church, Lockhart, TX 8/1/11