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Silver Seeds
by Paul Paolilli and Dan Brewer

The sun slides through our window and nudges us out to play. Personification!
A shadow holds our heels and draws our picture on the ground.
Trees reach their hands up from the earth to tickle the sky. Personification!

Leaves are brown parachutes that float on puffs of air. Metaphor!

Through a poet's eye view, the wonders of nature come alive in Silver Seeds. Striking full-page paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Francher celebrate both nature and language which, itself, comes alive in this simple picture book written in acrostic poems and stretching our imaginations. With such inspiration, perhaps, you, too can write a nature acrostic using figurative language?

See the clouds warm the moon with their fluffy white blankets?
Icy sparkles grow from silver seeds over my head.
Little orange and black helicopters in furry bodies buzz me to sleep.
Velvet grass changes from green to black as the day becomes night.
Every creature tingles with its new nighttime assignment.
Rolling across the sky, the full moon finally sinks and tags the sun. "You're it!"

At first glance, you will see a colorful primary picture book, but stretch your imagination just a smidgen and you will see the perfect book to introduce figurative language, acrostic poetry, and the wonder of nature.

Illustrators Steve Johnson and Lou Francher, a husband and wife team!

Acrostic Poem Tool
  The K-2 Room

A 7-page literature guide, perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your electronic board for Silver Seeds available in a 5-Book Literature Guide Download!

The Activity Guide Contains:
Crossword Puzzle
Readers Theater
Multiplying Math with Seeds
Write an Acrostic Poem

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