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Summer of the Monkeys
by Wilson Rawls
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If you were a foot-loose and fancy-free fourteen-year-old boy exploring a wild Ozark river bottom with your bluetick hound, what would you expect to find? Freedom to run? Raccoon tracks? The stench of a skunk? A snapping turtle? Trees exploding with birds of every color? Perhaps all of these and more. But, what you wouldn't expect to see is a tree full of monkey trouble.

That's what Jay Berry Lee and his bluetick hound Rowdy saw, all right, first as a flash of shadow, and then, as real, live monkeys! Twenty-nine of the little critters In the Cherokee bottom land in Oklahoma in the late 1800s! Neither could believe his eyes. Where could they have come from?

Jay Berry's best pal, his grandpa, said that a circus train had wrecked and the monkeys that survived took off into the woods like their tails were on fire. The circus was offering a handsome reward for the ones that could find them.

Jay Berry had a mind to trap the monkeys and fulfill his lifelong dream of having a pony and a gun. But, trapping all those monkeys turned out to be a big challenge, even with Rowdy to help. Along the way he learned a lot about life and faith.

Wait until you see how Jimbo makes a monkey out of him! Thank goodness Mama, Papa and his twin sister Daisy, as well as his grandparents, are there to help him along the way. He’ll discover that he’s got a lot of treasure right under his own roof.

What will happen with the bean shooter? The still? At the library? And in the jungle-like river bottoms of Oklahoma. Summer of the Monkeys is a great family read-aloud book that's sure to tickle the funny bone of kids of all ages!

Everybody will want to read along on this one to see what finally happens when Jay Berry comes to a fork in the road to growing up. Wilson Rawls captures us with his fun-loving style and superb literary imagery. It’s a great way to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure!

For classroom connections, Kids Wings Literature Guide and Jeopardy-type interactive game for Summer of the Monkeys will extend the adventure, hone reading skills, stimulate interaction, inspire problem-solving, and lay the foundation for positive character development.

In addition, busy teachers love the many pages of authentic multiple-choice, short-answer check-ups as well as connected research, picturing the text and writing prompts connected to real award-winning literature! You can depend on Kids Wings to prepare your students for standardized testing AND LIFE by providing stimulating, challenging, and problem solving instead of lulling them to sleep with boring, mind-numbing drill-and-kill!

Summer of the Monkeys is a spellbinding story of love providing the push to change the impossible and allow GOOD to triumph.


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Summer of the Monkeys

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You can purchase the 54-page literature guide PLUS 53-slide interactive Jeopardy-type game for Summer of the Monkeys for immediate download! Only $17.95! Click here to purchase and download

The Kids Wings literature guide PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, is perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for Summer of the Monkeys!

This Kids Wings Guide Contains Activities like:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Growing Up and Growing Wise
Character Studies
The Big6 Song for Research
Research The Unique Qualities of Monkeys
Research Oklahoma in the 1800s
Chart the Story's Progress
Figures of Speech! Get the Picture?
Map Study
Grouped Chapters: Vocabulary, Predict-Read-Confirm
Multiple Choice and Short Answer Chapter Check-ups
Comparing to Understand
Descriptive Language
Research Sharecroppers
Research Tahlequah
Visualizing the Text, Draw Your Answer
Collecting and Using Visuals and Text Evidence
Monkey Poetry
My Monkey Journal
Answer Pages
Teacher Supplement
Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


Related Literature:
Other Novels featuring Animals


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