You can purchase activities for THREE HERO STORIES: The Hero of Bremen, The Luckiest Man Lou Gehrig, The World's Fastest Woman Wilma Rudolph. All 28-pages available for immediate download for only $7.95! Sharable within your school! Click Here to Download

The Hero of Bremen
The Perfect Picture
Book Companion to
A Paradise Called Texas

This is the story of Hans the Cobbler, a disabled shoemaker who loved to share stories about Roland, the famous knight who saved the walled city of Bremen during the Dark Ages. By his courageous act made his journey, crawling on "knuckles and knee" to claim land necessary to expand the city. In the city square, a statue was erected to this legendary man.

In A Paradise Called Texas by Janice Shefelman, Mina stopped at his statue before she and her family left Germany and wondered at his bravery. She, too, would have to summon great courage for the journey ahead to America. The Hero of Bremen foreshadows the struggles that lay ahead for Mina.

The Luckiest Man: Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig, the heroic Yankee who battled with ALS, is inspirational far beyond his days at Yankee Stadium. This biography by David Adler reflects the way the amazing athlete lived: with humble simplicity. It's a wise choice, since the story is so affecting on its own. Even with few details of Gehrig's illness, contains enough sadness for any child. As good as this book is, Terry Widener's illustrations multiply its impact enormously.


World's Fastest Woman Wilma Rudolph
by Kathleen Krull

Before Wilma Rudolph was five years old, polio had paralyzed her left leg. Everyone said she would never walk again. But Wilma refused to believe it. Not only would she walk again, she vowed, she'd run. And she did run--all the way to the Olympics, where she became the first American woman to earn three gold medals in a single olympiad. This dramatic and inspiring true story is illustrated in bold watercolor and acrylic paintings by Caldecott Medal-winning artist David Diaz.

The Kids Wings Activities for The Luckiest Man Lou Gehrig, The Fastest Woman in the World Wilma Rudolph, and The Hero of Bremen set in Medieval Germany provide perfect definition of the word "hero."

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