The Sentence Game

Here is a list of additional compound and complex sentences that can be used to play "The Sentence Game" from Zane and the Hurricane. Some of the following sentences have been adapted from Chapter 1 to fit the game. As students read the rest of the book, invite them make lists of other compound and complex sentences to challenge their classmates in The Sentence Game.

1. Mom hates it when I say "totally no way." (4) (complex sentence)

2. She never hit me, but that day we have a big yelling fight. (4) (compound sentence)

3. If the old lady lets me bring Brandy, I will agree to visit her for the last week of summer. (complex sentence)

4. It was bad timing because I fly down to New Orleans on a Monday in late August. (5) (complex sentence)

5. They named the hurricane Katrina and it was coming to get us but we didn't know that then. (5) (compound sentence with three independent clauses)


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