Wow!  These activities are fun! They include character, logic puzzles, math, reading, writing, group projects and FUN!
MORE Literature Units that Cross the Curriculum!
by Suzy Red

Order  Forged in the Fire, 2000-2001 for these Units:

26 Fairmont Avenue, dePaola, Tomie
Cook-A-Doodle-Doo,Stevens and Crummel

Flying Solo, Fletcher, Ralph

Home Run, Burleigh, Robert

I See the Rhythm, Ignus, Toyomi

Mary on Horseback, Wells, Rosemary

The Mightiest Heart, Cullen, Lynn

Mister and Me, Holt, Kimberly Willis

An Outlaw Thanksgiving, McCully, Emily Arnold

Regular Guy, Weeks, Sara

The Riches of Osceola McCarty, Coleman, Evelyn

Riding Freedom, Ryan, Pam Munox

Rio Grande:  From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico, Lourie, Peter. 

Shelter Dogs, Kehret, Peg

The Silver Balloon, Bonners, Susan

The Snake Scientist, Montgomery, Sy

The Top of the World:  Climbing Mount Everest, Jenkins, Steve. 

Weslandia, Fleischman, Paul

Where Fireflies Dance, Corpi, Lucha

William Shakespeare and the Globe, Aliki 

Forged in the Fire is over 200 pages of student-centered activities containing all 20 units for only $27.95 + shipping and handling!  (Length of units varies with sizes of books)
All units have free website access to the best educational extension sites on the internet!

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