Painless Homework

Geraldine Luvfluffer writes my kids' homework every authentic, cross-curriculum fun! Students get her letter on Monday. One night they rewrite it correcting spelling (that Geraldine embeds selectively in the letter) and grammar. Tuesday night they might answer math questions that are embedded. Wednesday night they might be asked to answer her letter using standard English. One Thursday night they might be asked to write a math problem for her...and answer it. It's funny how she always seems to reflect the current schoolwork. No more homework than that is required every week!

Here's an example of her letter:

deer boyz and gurls. i am so glad you have miz red for yer teachr this year she is relly fun and she is my freind she done says that i can rite yer homework for you? my cousin jethro Sneezelouder brung 30 marbles over to play with me he say i could have half and he give me 12. is that right. i shore wish i could come to yer class sumtime but i has to wash dishes for my mom i lick you as much as a perty flower. please right bak geraldine

Monday Night: Rewrite Geraldine's letter in standard English.

Tuesday: Answer her math question and explain to her why it is correct.

Wednesday: Write a math question for Geraldine. Answer it on another piece of paper. Be ready to challenge the class with it before you send it go Geraldine.

Thursday: Write a one-page letter to Geraldine.


You'd be surprised how involved the class gets with Geraldine! One of my students even brought a care package of food for her at Christmas. They love writing to her and helping her grow, and they rejoice when they see she is making progress!

But, I do admit that Geraldine has trouble keeping up with answering, so sometimes she gets an older (or former) class to help out!

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Ideas for Debriefing Geraldine's Homework

(Geraldine is a fictional student created by Suzy Red.)