Ten Reasons to Teach an Integrated Curriculum

10.  Unless you have 50 hours a day to teach, you'll never get it all in.  

9.   An integrated curriculum allows science and social studies to frame your reading, writing, and math.   

8.   The brain thrives on connections.  

7.   Life is not divided into neat little blocks of time called science, math, reading, writing, social studies, and recess.     

6.  Problem solving skills soar when all of our knowledge and higher level thinking from all curriculum areas are tapped.   

5.  Real literature in real books provides an authentic diving board into learning all subjects. Award-winning literature provides models for problem solving, peer relationships, character development, and skill building as students are captivated by exciting adventures with realistic characters who go through problems very much like their own or problems (like war)from which they will learn historical truths.





4. School's got it backwards! In real life you are tested with a problem and then must scramble for answers, but in traditional school you are given the answers and asked to... regurgitate them.

3. Group interaction and team building inherent in an integrated curriculum depend on using various strengths and skills to create bridges to understanding.

2. Your standardized test scores will hit the top! By inspiring students to think, to love learning, and to put their learning to work in authentic ways, your kids will be equipped for whatever curves they might be thrown...on standardized tests and in life!  

1.  Students LOVE an integrated curriculum and thrive on its challenges!







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