The Princesses Have a Ball
by Teresa Bateman

What is happening to the princesses' shoes? They are falling apart every day! The king wants to have a ball so they can meet handsome princes and get married, but the princesses have different ideas!

Here's the publisher (Albert Whitman & Company) description:
"Once upon a time, not so long ago,
There were twelve tall princesses all in a row.
Every night they wore out their shoes.
But where did they go? What did they do?
These girls held no ordinary royal court--
They were playing their favorite sport!
The king wonders what his daughters are up to at night--why aren't they dreaming of princes? But with the help of a clever cobbler, the perfect shoes, and a very special ball, the princesses soon make their own dreams come true!"

The Princesses Have a Ball
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The Princesses Have a Ball Unit Contains:

Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater Script
Logic Puzzle
Math Graph
Venn Diagram Comparing Books
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Two Page Letter Writing/Editing Lesson
Logic Puzzle with Teacher Guide Slide Show in PC PowerPoint Version

A Unit for The Princesses Have a Ball part of a collection of 41 units in Book Bridges in 2004.


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