The Trouble with Cauliflower
by Jane Sutton
Illustrated by Jim Harris

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The Trouble with Cauliflower

Mortimer is superstitious. He likes the taste of cauliflower, but he seems to think that eating it will bring him bad luck! When his best friend, Sadie, serves him a stew that contains cauliflower, she explains that he should try it...and he does...with disastrous results. Mortimer is more convinced than ever that cauliflower is the culprit. Sadie stays with him, there to understand, to help, and to do something to change his luck. What will happen when she serves him a "secret surprise" stew containing you-know-what? Will bad luck follow? Will positive thinking change his luck?

You will love the animals...the hippo is hilarious...and the mouse is...where is that mouse?

The Trouble with Cauliflower is one of the funniest, best illustrated stories we have read in years! We believe Jim Harris should have won the Caldecott Medal for this book! Special thanks to this talented artist for allowing us to use some of his illustrations in our literature guide!

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An 22-page Unit forThe Trouble with Cauliflower is part of a collection of 40 units in Reading Seeds.

The Unit Contains:
Prereading Discussion Cards
Readers Theater Script about Superstitions
Crossword Puzzle

Vocabulary Development
Character Page on Friendship and Trust
Parts of the boat: Guess What they are for!
The Story Extends in the Pictures

Multiple Choice Comprehension
What is their relationship? A Logic Puzzle in Pictures
Story Mapping
Discussion Guide
Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe

Edit a Letter
Real Kolala Research
A Four-Page Writing Lesson

and MORE!




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