Reading Seeds

The 2007-2008
for Grades 1-3

Presenter: Suzy Red

Reading Seeds for Grades 1-3
Workshop Descriptor

Title: Reading Seeds
Audience: Librarians, Teachers, and Parents Grades 1-3
Descriptor and focus: 

     Great books provide a sound academic and
social foundation for young, inquisitive minds.   Tapping into children's laughter and wonder, this literature collection builds enthusiasm for academic skills, character development, and social strength.
    Characters, settings, and situations in selections from the Mockingbird Books,
2007 TLA 2X2 Books, and the Kids Wings Award Books will provide a myriad of opportunity for laughter, projects, reading, writing, science, math, and music while exposing children to other cultures and developing a deep appreciation of the American traditions.   More than 40 picture books and easy chapter books representing every genre will become the catalysts for interactive problem solving skills, laughter, character development, and interdisciplinary foundational academic skills.
     Let them lead your students into an active, integrated curriculum that is rich in character, reading and math skills, science, social studies, research, problem solving, internet projects, and FUN...with the creative test-prep practice. The Reading Seeds units contain exciting activities such as crossword puzzles with word banks, art projects, songs, readers' theater scripts, web-support, TAKS-formatted comprehension, math challenges, character lessons, logic, writing guides, and more... all keyed into multiple-intelligences and TEKS Objectives.

Reading Seeds can become your TUTORING program next year! Just give a parent one of these great picture books along with the Reading Seeds unit and watch them return again and again for the fun of guiding your students into high level learning!
      Participants will receive the professional guide and CD filled with more than 350 pages of unique, active ideas--excellent for literary circles as well as for individual and whole class interaction.  Join us for a breath of fresh curriculum that includes laughter, songs, character building, and problem solving through literature. 

Participants will ~
     ...receive a valuable 400+ page Teacher/Student Guide with CD and site license to allow it to be shared within ONE school. familiar with the content and possibilities of the 2006-2007 Mockingbird Books and the 2007 2X2 books.

     ...participate in extension activities for the books.

     ...explore ways to integrate the curriculum around literature and library resources that enable students to grow excited and skillful in research and project building.

     ...understand the importance of their role in weaving respect and character into every aspect of a child's life.

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